by Megagiant

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Our only full-length, released the week of the band's demise, March 2016.

Thanks and other stuff on the CD release, limited to 100 copies.

Recording/mixing: AJ, Caleb, Kelly at Stella's Stakeout, The Pub Station, i90 Audio, Don Cherry's Twin Home, 2015-'16.

Mastered by Blake Bickel at Dynamic Sound Service.

On these recordings, Megagiant was:
Kelly La Croix/Nels Jensen/Caleb Addy/AJ Ostund

Driving on...


released March 3, 2016



all rights reserved


megagiant Billings, montana

Montana does weird things to a band

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Track Name: Your One
You know I point just like an arrow
And I'm the darkness in your heart
And I'm the devil in your tarot
Why don't you come and pick a card?

I'm climbing up to your window
You know I'm breaking down your wall
You know I'll be the one to show you
And now I'm taking you back home
Track Name: Hell Toupee
Nervous trash on the side of the road
ticking like a bomb about to explode
Matt hair, blank stare
And many miles to go

Road rash and a punch ticket grin
Burnt shell and it's shedding it's skin
No sleep, tired feet
and many miles to go
Track Name: Assman
Track Name: Does It Show?
I want to tell you
I feel hung up
and I don't know why
Can't seem to stop
Can you take it back, then
to well and good?
I know you could...

What I wanna tell you
What I wanna know
Can you keep a secret
or does it show?

I wanna tell you
I messed it up
Have you seen right through me?
Have you had enough?
Just take my hand, then
and keep it still
I hope you will...
Track Name: True North
Wave your flags when the trumpets sound
Cast your armaments down
Dry your eyes,
It's just as prophesized
He's coming home
You won't be alone

True North
Track Name: Opposites Attack
blah blah yell
Track Name: Hidden Hand
Slide into the pavement with an arc
and tell us where you are
The outcome when it's spun is like an art
Feed them to the sharks

To fit the mold you must keep them in their sleep
To keep control there are lies that you have to speak
And hide it all away like a secret you can't bear to keep

A crown on the head, a hungry gut underneath
Widest smile, a gleam of the teeth
Track Name: Cheyenne
fuzz fuzz buzz
Track Name: Slower Homes
I'm not gonna type these twice...look at the 7 inch, jerk.
Track Name: Don't Write
It's basically practical
It's practically basic
Surprised you didn't know by now,
Surprised you couldn't taste it
And I can't take it
It's senseless to feed this,
It's needless
to be this
Oh, Jesus...

I'll erase all the time
Out of sight, out of mind
If you leave, I won't fight
I won't read, so don't write

You think you're throwing hints,
you're so explicit
You're staring through my window to try to find a weakness
You beat your chest,
you're so distressed
I replace your face
I'll clean your mess
Track Name: Fast Gasp
Now that you got it
Now that you know
Don't say you want it
Then waste it all

Lost your touch
Track Name: Wheels to War
Our wheels to war
For blander skies
For darker rooms
For stronger lies

And I can't tell at all
If you're not there
If you don't care
(or if you want me here at all)
Track Name: In a Room
In a room I don't belong
You couldn't see me, waving all hands

And I don't know what went wrong
Was it clouded? I couldn't reach you.

Could you tell what's going on?
The way you see me is not what I am.

And the change it takes so long
You couldn't sense it. This color blinds you.

Cherokee Fade, Irish Goodbye
Out like a ghost, it suits me just fine.

In a room I don't belong
Track Name: Time Is Not On My Side
I don't want to get set in my ways
It's been so long, running in place
And I don't want to get set in my ways

Seconds stop/stuck in a frame
The wait is long...minutes to days
And I don't want to get set in my ways

And I can see it now...
Track Name: To The Roots
Name the 3 songs we ripped off to make this song and win a prize (The prize is either a kiss from Caleb or a punch from Nels. Dealer's choice.).
Track Name: Keep it Low
Let me find a way to catch your eye
Let me show you ways to spend your time
Let me speak in words you've never known
Let me in on your secrets, I'll keep it low

I'll keep it low...

Let me be the one you're thinking of
Let me be the only thing you want
Let me find the way out to your home
Let me in through the back door when you're alone

And I'll keep it low...
Track Name: 2182
I'm gonna tell you something, girl
If you want me in your world
Better tell me your plan

And please
if you give your heart to me
better not take it lightly
Don't you know where I stand?

'Cause if your head don't know
and your heart beats slow
then I can't take your hand

So wait
if you think that's it's not right
If you need another night
Then I don't understand

And run
if you fold under the gun
If you don't think we belong
Better go while you can

'Cause if your head don't know
and your heart beats slow
I can't take your hand
Track Name: Goodbye, Porterhouse
I'm done with this party
show me the way out,
wake me up

Waiting on arrival
Growing away now
I'm driving on

Driving on